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Friday, January 12, 2007

Success? No way!

Okay, so we decided to start this transcription business a little bit before Christmas. We didn't actually start the business at that point, we just decided to start it. We made a few preemptory phone calls in an attempt to start the solicitation process, but since it was "the holiday season" we didn't have much resonse.

During the first week of January we went full board and really hit the marketing hard. We are not naive - we realized that it takes a while to build some decent business.

Then ---- oh, then --- this week started.

We have acquired three clients this week, two of whom are HUGE and our calculations for this month show that we will make at least $2000, if not more. That's half our montly expenses! We can hardly believe how successful this little venture is turning out in such a short time.

There still remains a lot to be seen, but what a great start.

Oh, and by the way, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary this week....happy us :-)

And the kids are practically all recovered from their first-of-the-year bout with illness.

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