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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The more funner things

I'm sorry I haven't been more posty of recent. It's been really busy around here, what with the Thanksgiving long weekend, and the recent bout of coughs and colds that just shuttled through here. But, here I am, onward.

Do you remember when you first experienced something really cool, like when your first child learns something unexpected? You just want to hang on to that moment as long as you can, before it becomes just a memory. Of course, you'll retell the story of that moment over and over again, but you very rarely will feel the same.

The Talker loves the Dr. Seuss book, "Mr. Brown can MOO! Can You!" There is a page where Mr. Brown can make the knock of a door sound. The Talker always makes a fist and hits the cardboard book, and smiles and laughs. Yesterday, the Husband was reading Mr. Brown with The Talker and Blue Eyes together, in the other room. As I was writing an e-mail, the Husband yelled to me, "April! Get in here! And don't let them see you!" I rushed in, apprehensive but excited. I snuck up on the kids and Daddy behind the couch. As Hubby read the knocking page, The Talker did his commonplace knock...

and Blue Eyes reached out and open-hand knocked on the page.

I was stunned, and even more so when the Husband told me it wasn't a fluke, because she had just done it two minutes before. In a moment, I had the joy I felt when The Talker first knocked on the page. It came back in a thrilling rush, and I won't forget it for a long time.

I hope everyone gets to experience something like this. It sure made my November.

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