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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January Not-So-Blues

You know, I love the holidays. I love when we all get together. I love the stories, and the food, and the specials, and even the games. (Yes, dear; I will watch football. You didn't have to twist my arm...But I digress-)

It's that period between New Year's and Martin Luther King that really kinda messes up everything for the first quarter of the year.
  1. Everybody gets sick.
  2. Everybody's mail gets lost, because it's picked back up again.
  3. Everybody's kids go back to school, so most of them are miserable.
  4. There are certain parts of the country that will be guaranteed to have strange weather.
  5. It's really, really nice in Southern California.

I find these things happen in a recurring cycle every year. This year is different, though, because of Blue Eyes and The Talker. This period will be marked by The Talker's improved talking, Blue Eyes' standing (possibly, we'll see), and both of them finally getting over their cold blues. This year's going to be different. I like this different. A lot.



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