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Friday, December 01, 2006

How do single moms do it?

Sometimes I really amaze myself. It's too bad that such beauteous accomplishment comes at an exhausting price. I put the kids to bed a few minutes ago, a relieving end to a day full of activity. Let me explain. I am hosting my sister's bridal shower my mother's house. So, not only did I have to get all the food and games put together today, but I had to assemble them all in neat little packages to take over to my mom's in the morning and set up for the party. Here's a little list of what I did today:
  • Go to Wal-Mart for stuff, with the kids
  • Go to Sam's Club for stuff, with the kids
  • Drop the cold food off at home and (thankfully) leave the kids home with Husband
  • Go to Albertson's for a few items
  • Get home and take care of lunch (Husband helped feed kids, but I made him a sandwich while juggling the rest of it)
  • Put kids to bed
  • Assemble games and prizes for the shower
  • Say goodbye to Husband, who will be gone the rest of the evening
  • Kids get up from naps too early and are still cranky
  • Arrange all party food in the kitchen for easy access
  • Kids are still cranky so we have early dinner
  • Yeah, dinner for two helpless miniatures...use your imagination
  • Make brownies and accidentally leave vegetable oil container badly sealed and in reach of The Talker
  • Clean up vegetable oil mess
  • Trim and cube 5 pounds of chicken breast
  • Cook chicken on the stove (for yummy chicken quesadilla lunch tomorrow)
  • Get brownies out of the oven
  • Bathe Blue eyes
  • Bathe The Talker
  • Wash a sink full of dirty dishes
  • Play with kids for a few minutes
  • Put kids to bed
  • Sigh -- deeply --

Oh, and did I mention that someone has hired me to ghostwrite a book? They need to turn a screenplay into a novel and I'm the person for the job. The first 20 pages are due for review on Monday.

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  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger BeachMama said…

    Cool, the ghost writing job, that should be fun!

    And one of the first things I realized when I had J was how on earth do single mom's do it and don't go crazy? It is a hard enough job for two people, never mind one. Hope you got everything ready you needed for the shower and it was great!


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