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Friday, November 17, 2006

Update...more to follow

I apologize for my absence the last couple of days. So much has been going on! We are definitely closing escrow on the house Monday, so stay tuned for my re-telling of the dramatic and harrowing experiences that led up to this momentous occasion.

My husband and I have been toying with the idea of starting our own business. Last week, someone found an ad that I had posted on Craigslist asking for typing work. I've been looking for ways to make money from home and typing happens to be something that I am good at (bet you never would have guess that one, huh?). Well, anyway, this particular job was pretty difficult, but it got me and Husband thinking about the business possibilities. We are centering our efforts around starting a transcription service. You know, someone talks into a tape recorder and we type it out for them. We've only been working on this little project for a few days, but the prospects are out there and we are trying to see what we can make of this little scheme.

As we develop more, I'll keep you updated :-)

In other news, my sister had a baby today! A little girl. I am finally an aunt, since my kids are the first grandkids on both my side and my husband's side of the family.

I know I'm rambling a bit tonight, but I only had a few minutes and my thoughts had not quite worked themselves into a comprehensible form by the time I sat down at the keyboard.

More next time...

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  • At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Cat said…

    Hooray for babies and congratulations to your sister! What is the name of the new bundle of joy?


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