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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey day? No, turkey week!

Thanksgiving is more than a day. It is a whole season!! We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house tomorrow night and all my siblings and their significant others will be attending. My dad is the chef for the event and he is treating us to stuffed cornish game hens.

I love cooking. While growing up, though, I had sisters who were more aggressive than myself and I always got kicked to the bottom rung in the kitchen...peeling potatoes or something equally non-creative. When I started to live on my own and then got married I enjoyed spreading my wings and discovered all sorts of fabulous recipes that made my husband's mouth water and kept him coming back for more :-) Actually, I pride myself that we don't feel the need to go out for dinner very often because we end up being disappointed in the quality of food. Most restaurants just are not up to par compared with my cooking.

Since I am missing out on the preparation of the most anticipated meal of the year, I have made this week my week of tantalizing menu items. Lately, because of unemployment and needing to save money, we have been eating alot of pasta and refried bean burritos. Not much variety. However, in honor of the season (and the great sale prices at the grocery store) I have splurged. This week's dinners include steak fajitas, ham with pineapple, szechwan chicken, and (you guessed it) I'm making my own turkey. Well, it's realy a boneless, skinless turkey breast, but that works good enough for us. Oh, and let's not forget the pumpkin pies I'm baking!!


What's on your menu for the big day?

Hope all of your Thanksgivings are filled with the blessing of familial love, the happiness of friendship, and the peace of God's protection.

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