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Monday, November 13, 2006

Perfect Sunday

Going to church on Sunday, while being a wonderful spiritual re-kindling, is not without its difficulties. Our typical Sunday entails rushing through breakfast, getting the kids ready, and hurrying out the door. Once at church, we take turns juggling Blue Eyes and The Talker.

Blue Eyes is still too little to sit by herself on the pew. She bounces and plays and makes occasional noises of glee which, though cute by themselves, are distracting to those of the congregations sitting around us. If our efforts to silence her sounds have no effect then Husband usually takes her to the back, or outside, where she can be happy and playful without distraction. This lee-way will only last a few more months before we start to teach her (like we taught The Talker) to stay quiet during the liturgy.

The Talker is VERY good in church. We have taught him to sit still either on the pew, or in one of our laps. He “reads” the music book very quietly on his own. Sometimes he will talk out loud and a quick look from Mommy or Daddy reminds him to whisper. We have not had to take him outside since he was about 14 or 15 months (he is now 20 months). While he earns the name “The Talker” outside of church, in this blessed place he is quiet, and still, and as perfect as any parent could wish. Even though he is well behaved, Husband and I still leave church exhausted every week from holding one or the other child for an hour straight.

Yesterday’s Mass, however, was perfect. The Talker sat very still and Daddy only needed to hold him a few times. When he was being held he sucked his thumb, and looked around, and kept his good behavior on.

I held Blue Eyes through the whole Mass. She squirmed a little at the beginning, but towards the middle and end she wanted to snuggle. Her head rested perfectly under my chin, while she sucked her thumb and relaxed. *sigh* I am ashamed to say that I do not cuddle with my little girl nearly as much as I wish I could. First of all, she does not generally like to cuddle. Second, I’m usually balancing both kids at once, or hurrying Blue Eyes through her bottle so that I can deal with The Talker’s latest needs. So when I was able to enjoy a full half hour of warm, soft, loving attentions to and from my daughter I was the happiest mama alive. I probably should have paid more attention to what the priest was saying, but I don’t think God minded…

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