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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Come and count with me

"Let's count," I say to The Talker several times a day.

I hold up one finger at a time as he says, "Whaaa...Choo...Fo,"

"Three," I correct him.

"Fee," he dutifully repeats, then continues, "Fo...Fie!" When the final number has reached its exclamatory conclusion we wrap up the lesson with a hearty high-five.

Blue Eyes observes from her seat and patiently waits to be included in the hand slapping portion of the fun.

Learning our numbers. I'm a proud parent!

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend review

The weekend's events went perfectly smooth. My sister's bridal shower was a huge success. We had a nice turnout, the food was good (if I do say so myself), and everyone enjoyed the games as far as I could tell.

One celebration followed the other and in the evening we had a birthday party for my 4 year old sister. She was so cute opening her presents and everything she unwrapped was warmly welcomed as a new treasure. She got all sorts of fun stuff: dress up hats with matching gloves, miniature cooking utensils (including a just-her-size muffin pan that is oven safe!), a bucket full of pretend food...I watched the wrapping come off her gifts and I yearned for Blue Eyes to be a little older so that I would have a reason to buy all these fun toys. For her. Yeah, her. Not me...

Anyway, yesterday (Sunday) I typed all day to reach my 20 page goal for the book I am ghostwriting. I sent the first submission to the guy I am working for and I have waited all day to hear back from him. I'm a bit anxious to find out if my style is acceptable for the project and I'm on pins and needles to know if I'll get this break into a new possibility for at-home work. More updates later...

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Putting it together

Busy day today. I'm off to my parents' house bright and early, with the kids (hubby has the day to himself before a job this evening). I'm going to have a great time hosting my sister's bridal shower.

After one happy event is over, we are sticking around for the second joyous occasion of the day. My little sister's 4th birthday. (No, that is not a typo, I do have a 4 year old sister.)

One place to go, lots of things to do, and many smiles to photograph! :-)

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Friday, December 01, 2006

How do single moms do it?

Sometimes I really amaze myself. It's too bad that such beauteous accomplishment comes at an exhausting price. I put the kids to bed a few minutes ago, a relieving end to a day full of activity. Let me explain. I am hosting my sister's bridal shower my mother's house. So, not only did I have to get all the food and games put together today, but I had to assemble them all in neat little packages to take over to my mom's in the morning and set up for the party. Here's a little list of what I did today:
  • Go to Wal-Mart for stuff, with the kids
  • Go to Sam's Club for stuff, with the kids
  • Drop the cold food off at home and (thankfully) leave the kids home with Husband
  • Go to Albertson's for a few items
  • Get home and take care of lunch (Husband helped feed kids, but I made him a sandwich while juggling the rest of it)
  • Put kids to bed
  • Assemble games and prizes for the shower
  • Say goodbye to Husband, who will be gone the rest of the evening
  • Kids get up from naps too early and are still cranky
  • Arrange all party food in the kitchen for easy access
  • Kids are still cranky so we have early dinner
  • Yeah, dinner for two helpless miniatures...use your imagination
  • Make brownies and accidentally leave vegetable oil container badly sealed and in reach of The Talker
  • Clean up vegetable oil mess
  • Trim and cube 5 pounds of chicken breast
  • Cook chicken on the stove (for yummy chicken quesadilla lunch tomorrow)
  • Get brownies out of the oven
  • Bathe Blue eyes
  • Bathe The Talker
  • Wash a sink full of dirty dishes
  • Play with kids for a few minutes
  • Put kids to bed
  • Sigh -- deeply --

Oh, and did I mention that someone has hired me to ghostwrite a book? They need to turn a screenplay into a novel and I'm the person for the job. The first 20 pages are due for review on Monday.

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