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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chapter 1: The Move

Well, it is time for some updating. It might take a few days to tell the whole story so bear with me. (For the record, when I started this blog I had every intention of keeping my entries simple and enjoyable to all. Stories about the kids. Teasing my husband. Little tidbits of advice. The kind of stuff you have seen from me the last few weeks. Well, now I find that this is a good outlet to air my frustrations, and I could use some advice from you, my readers, so feel free to share.)

First topic: The Move.

As with everything in our life right now, this is quite complicated and involves some storytelling. Last April we moved to the house we are in now. One of my husband’s (I’ll start calling him “H” for short) old clients owns the house. He bought it for the purpose of tearing it down and rebuilding his “dream house.” Rather than let the house sit vacant until the building plans were completed and the financing all in order, he offered to rent to us for a very good price. The price was a little more than we had wanted to pay when we were house hunting, but it was a great deal and we decided to sign the lease for one year. The agreement was that we would have a one year lease and go month to month after that, since the owner didn’t know how much longer than the year his pre-construction work would take.

Well, a few things happened with H’s work and he ended up going to work for the landlord selling payroll services. (There will be a LOT more info on the “job situation” later – it’s a whole other topic.)

The salary that H received from his new boss/our landlord was not enough to meet the monthly household expenses. H asked if we could pay less rent and the guy agreed. For four months we paid a little less rent, no problems. Then H’s boss/our landlord fired him. At the same time he told H that we would have to pay the original rent amount again. H asked if Landlord would release us from the lease so we could get a place we could afford. Landlord said that he would be enforcing the lease; if we want to leave we have to pay it off.

So now we are stuck here until our one year is up. I know the landlord had every legal right to enforce the lease and make us pay the higher amount on the lease…but isn’t that a really jerk move to do?!?

There you have it. We started off on amiable terms with our landlord and now we can hardly wait to get out of here as soon as the lease is over. The strange part is that the landlord keeps insisting that it is “nothing personal” and that he still really likes H. He’s earned a blackspot in my book and I can’t wait to get out of here and start over.

As to where we will be going, who knows? It all depends on where H gets a job. We have until April to figure it out. More on The Job(s) later…

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  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger BeachMama said…

    That would totally suck, to live in a house owned by somebody you didn't really like. I would be begging to move out, find a subletter or something. I just wouldn't have wanted to stay.


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