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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who put out the light?

[sob, sob, cry, sob] Today is the end of Daylight Savings. My biggest pet peeve is when people make a big deal out of things that happen at the same time every year. When I was working before I had kids I would have to listen…every single year…to my co-workers talking about how hot it is (duh, it’s summer), how cold it is (what do you expect, it’s winter), can you believe Christmas is almost here (it comes the same time every year), and the inevitable: it is so dark/light out since we have changed the clocks.

I am about to display my own pet peeve.


There is nothing worse than losing an hour of daylight. On the other side, I truly loooove gaining an hour of daylight in the summer. But it’s not summer right now, is it? NO! It’s darned-stinking October and I am about to lose an hour of decent sun time.

This annual event always makes me physically tired. Once the sun is gone it feels like the day should be over, but there are many hours remaining in the evening. As if I need to be more tired at the end of a day. On top of this, my husband and I now have to stop our occasional evening visits to the park with the kids because it’s too dark for playing safely.

I guess I should stop griping now and go enjoy my last few hours of a “long” day.

P.S. I really think the whole idea behind the changing the clocks is pretty dumb. And next year we'll start changing them in March and November for more silly reasons. What a ridiculous political topic!

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  • At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Cat said…

    Ah, but you get one blessed extra hour of sleep when Daylight Savings Time ends. I admit, I dislike the earlier darkness--particularily because I try to avoid walking on the streets alone at night!


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