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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Splish, Splash, Taking a Bath

We have a portable air conditioner that we keep in our living room. I know, it's October and I shouldn't still need my air conditioner. Many people in the country are enjoying cool, fall weather right now. I'm jealous of all of them! I live in Southern California and we've had some pretty warm, dry, windy weather lately.

But I digress.

Back to the air conditioner. It has a plastic pan behind it to collect the excess moisture from the air. Naturally, it is extremely attractive to the little ones. We have managed to "train" The Talker to stay away from it -- well, at least, I thought we had taught him. Blue Eyes is just discovering the water collector and we are having a hard time keeping her away from it. I ask you, what baby doesn't like to splash in a puddle of water?

The kiddies and I were playing this evening while hubby went to his weekend job. As usual, Blue Eyes managed to get herself over to the water pan and splash her hands around in it. Since I've seen her actually tip the pan over and spill out all the water before, I thought I was getting off light with just a little splashing. I moved her to the other side of the room and went to get a towel for the little splashes she had made.

As I turned the corner back into the room, it all seemed to happen in slow motion. I saw The Talker pick up the water tray. (I think he was trying to copy me when he sees me empty it all the time.) His little hands were not controlled enough to hold the heavy H2O and he spilled it all out. The spillage soaked through a whole beach towel. Thank goodness we have tile floors and clean up is simple!

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