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Monday, October 30, 2006


Blue Eyes is having some night time problems. We’re not sure if she’s teething or having nightmares, but whatever it is she sure is sensitive.

She went to sleep at 8, same as usual. Then at 11 she woke up screaming. Hubby and I went to console her, and change her very wet diaper. Usually that fixes everything up fine. (She has a sensitive bum and needs to have her diaper changed to be comfortable.) Then at 2am she woke up again. I went in to her room to hold her and she snuggled right up on my neck without any more fussing. After a couple minutes of cuddling, I put her back to bed and she was fine until 7am. A little earlier of a wake up time than usual for her, but I guess it was time to get up anyway.

I am very disoriented today, so I’m sorry if this post sounds *blah* but that’s how I feel. When the kids go down for their afternoon naps I’ll probably catch up on some zzz’s at the same time.

Wish me luck :-)

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