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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Pee-pee

Hubby and I have (sort of) started to potty train The Talker. He is 20 months old and a bit young to really understand what a toilet is for. We keep trying to guess when he needs to go and get him to the toilet, but it’s hit and miss (no pun intended) whether we’ll get him there at the right time.

Tonight, while Daddy was preparing to give him his evening bath, I needed some help in the office. I called Daddy in to help me and The Talker came running after him, naked. While standing in the doorway for 30 seconds guess what happened? That’s right, The Talker emptied his bladder on the floor.

That’s not really the surprising part, though.

He cried! I couldn’t tell if he was afraid of punishment, or if he was scared because he didn’t know what happened. It was such an *aaaww* moment. So cute. So messy. So easy to fix. A few paper towels cleaned the floor right up and got The Talker on to his bath. A minorly eventful evening.

Happy Halloween!

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