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Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 normal activities that became complicated once I had children

Life before children was so simple. I thought of something I wanted to do and I did it. Now things are more complicated. Oh, I still go about my weekly routine. I have figured out how to work with the little munchkins to keep us all from being miserable. I love the challenge that my kids present, and I love the success of an activity accomplished with only minor inconvenience.

But sometimes my mind wanders to the days of ease…(wander, wander)

Here is my list of 10-normal-activities-that-became-complicated-once-I-had-children:

Eating. Such a basic function of life. Yet with children came the realization that I will always come last. I balance the meal schedules of two kids (some day more) and sometime after they are done I hope to have 5 minutes for wolfing down my own sustenance.

Go shopping. Before kids, I got in the car, went to the store, picked up what I need and left. Now, add to that list packing a diaper bag, totting a stroller, fighting off the exploratory nature of my toddler, you get the idea. It’s not so simple anymore.

Taking a walk. The fresh air, a cool breeze, it can be quite invigorating. Until my toddler decides he wants to walk on his own instead of being confined to the stroller. Then I have to keep him within reach – and did I mention the slower pace? Not much exercise in a toddle.

Sleeping in. Aaaah, those were the days. Saturday meant an extra hour or two of blessed sleep. Now, well, the kids don’t know it is Saturday and they get up for their regular routine same as usual.

Staying up late. See above. What fun is staying up late if you can’t sleep in the morning after?

Going on a date with hubby. Babysitters. Setting a date. Home by a certain time. It’s still fun, but there is waaaay more planning then their used to be for a simple dinner and a movie outing.

Getting a cold or the flu. I used to be able to call in to work or skip a class at school. Now, if I’m under the weather I still have to be “mommy” all day. AND, I have the added stress of not wanting to spread my ickies to the kids, because that really would put us in a tricky situation!

Writing. I used to be able to pen a few words anytime the muses spoke. Now I either have to wait for the little ones to be asleep, or fight my toddler for control of the laptop keyboard. Because, you know, to him anything with buttons is a toy…oh, and did I mention the countless interruptions?

Phone. There used to be days of any-time phone calls to friends. Now, with kids, those calls are cut short by cries, falls, needs for attention, etc. Even making an inquiry about a bill is serenaded by baby noise.

Driving. I find it relaxing. Cruising down a stretch of land, listening to great music, having wonderful conversation. It’s great. But, when the kids decide they have had enough of sitting in one place, they let me know, and things can get ugly. They kick, they scream, they get hungry, they drop a toy, they want to listen to THEIR music, not mine. *sigh* Another roadtrip.

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  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Mama Duck said…

    LOL this is so, so sadly true!!

  • At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Daddy Forever said…

    Hey a mama duck and a momma duck. One on each coast.

    Life is even more complicate when you keep forgetting to check the diaper bag to be sure there are diapers in it. Not that I've ever done that.


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